Life as an Extreme Sport

ASBH, wrapped

I’m still in DC, sitting in the hotel lobby, wishing it was at all possible to simply snap my fingers, find a transporter, and end up at home, in bed, with the cats. I’d settle for a second best of in my hotel room bed, but they wanted the room so I had to check out. Bother. I’m beyond tired, of course, although I didn’t have the as many days “on” as I was expecting. The hotel nicely arranged for me to have a good chunk – about seven hours – of Saturday off, courtesy food poisoning that afflicted everyone who drank from the creamer provided on our end of the table. Since I tend to take my coffee half cream, half milk, it was… unpleasant, to say the least. And of course, I did come back out as soon as I could, and went back to working. Because I

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posting bender

As I’ve mentioned in one of these blogs, ASBH has my mind going a mile a minute, and I’ve literally been unable to sleep. My 7:30am meeting ought to be charming. For that matter, so should the 8:30pm one… but, as wiser people than me have said, that is what this conference is all about. So, I went on a bit of a posting bender – posted here, obviously, but also posted the following, which may be of interest to some of you: At the Women’s Bioethics Blog, I posted about misogyny in the movies, and furthered the question of women as scapegoats. Over at the AJOBlog, I posted about an an aspirin a day possibly not being beneficial to women, as well as potentially harmful (due to its tendency to irritate the stomach, etc), as well as a rather startling story abouta health clinic inside a Portland, Maine middle

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west coast culture

In DC and having a fabulous time so far. Have done none of the tourist things I had wanted to, but instead was responsible and did homework and laundry, and then napped in the afternoon. A fabulous dinner with S~, A~ and H~, and then we stumbled across just the right people with wine in the hotel bar – almost five hours later, I’m tumbling in to bed and remembering everything I love about what I do. I am very blessed to be where I am at this stage in life, and it would do me well to remember this when I think or feel otherwise.

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