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Eye of Eve

This to this: I am not Eve, slender and lithe, with straight bleached hair and blue eyes (or curled brown and streaked with red, chocolate pools for irises; natural redhead or fiery fake). I am not Eve, older tho not wiser, curving in all of the wrong places, too much in the right. My hair […]

golden goose

I was a silly goose once When the wind swept thru my hair The grass lay at my feet And I ran for the sheer joy of movement and motion Silly is a word we associate With the young      and care free Whose laugh lines haven’t frozen From a river of tears Etching a path […]

gone supernova

the constellations of my sky have changed the night dims in response to the fading light of a star gone supernova

3am Sheets

More “from the random files of…” I don’t talk to the person this was written in mind of, anymore. Not really a surprise, either – some things, you just see coming. It’s 3am, just to bed, my feet wrapped in the sheets Staring at the pitch black above, my mind won’t quiet And I can’t […]

Wild Monsoon Waking

Sometimes, you hear lyrics but you hear them wrong… and end up liking your version better. it’s the rain that i hear falling dropping down my face like tears a wild monsoon waking it’s marching at the window crossed crowded boulevards my lonesome heart bleeds clear the fog rolls thru my doorway slowly pulls around […]

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