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Broken Buddhas

claimtoken-5134dd6ba13d0 For Nicholas. I, as you most likely know, am a Buddhist. I am a very bad Buddhist: I drink, swear like a sailor, and until recently was a very happy ethical omnivore. I make my amends, though, and one way I do that is through routine meditation practice. As an offshoot of that, I […]

When I was little, my mother would buy the peanut butter that had separated in the jar. When we got home from the store, there was always the ritual of dumping the peanut butter into a bowl, stirring everything up, and then placing it back into the jar. I never had to do this; Mom […]

There’s something to be said about being who you know you can be, rather than who you are, and ideals and northern stars and guiding points rather than achievable goals, but I think it’s either still brewing, or I’ve found something I’m finally not worth placing online. Which, given what I’ve said here, says something […]

I’m sitting on my bed right now, although a quick glance wouldn’t make that obvious. I’ve set aside that last paper I need to write, that take home exam I need to go over one more time before deciding that really is my final answer, and I’ve opened up the boxes of art supplies that […]

Eye of Eve

This to this: I am not Eve, slender and lithe, with straight bleached hair and blue eyes (or curled brown and streaked with red, chocolate pools for irises; natural redhead or fiery fake). I am not Eve, older tho not wiser, curving in all of the wrong places, too much in the right. My hair […]

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